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גשש מיקום לינארי

type: Linear Inductive Transducer.
Designed for measuring applications requiring rugged devices.
Its simple coil design permits the sensor to be both shorter and more rugged.
The sensor is available with optional mounting flanges,
rod eye ends,
connector or cable terminators.
The range adjustability feature allows the user to scale the sensor's
zero and full span output to the actual range of motion of
the workpiece being measured.

מחבר סטנדרטי עבור ציר
axial connector (standard)
מחבר עגול
radial connector with rod eye end
מחבר הברגה
threaded end
מחבר טבעת
rod eye end

4 inches100 mm9.88 inches (250.9 mm)
6 inches150 mm11.88 inches (301.7 mm)
8 inches200 mm13.88 inches (352.5 mm)
10 inches250 mm15.88 inches (403.3 mm)
12 inches300 mm17.88 inches (454.3 mm)
15 inches375 mm20.88 inches (530.4 mm)
18 inches450 mm23.88 inches (606.6 mm)

Alliance Sensors Inc.
New Jersey.

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