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הינע חשמלי, מארז מתכת
מיועד לעבוד עם שסתומים כדוריים ושסתומים פרפר
הינע עבור רבע-סיבוב

Bonomi ltd.


Quarter-turn electric actuator
designed for use with ball and butterfly valves.
NEMA 4 cast of aluminum body.
the gear train is made with steel and techno-polymer gears.
self-lubricating bushings.

Technical description:
working torque range: from 266 to 3100 inch-pounds.
position indicator.
motors include low voltage 12V
and multivoltage 24V AC/DC 100-240V AC.
option: programmable positioner.
option: rotary potentometer.
option: battery backup for failsafe operation.
ISO 5211-DIN3337.

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