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Electrohydraulic valve actuator.
suitable for oil and gas applications.

הינע אלקטרו-הידראולי עבור בוכנה

PVE-EX electrohydraulic actuator.

Precise valve control.
The closed loop spool position control
provides the user with the ability to monitor hydraulic system faults
and offers precise valve control.
The actuator is designed with a cast iron enclosure.

The actuator uses a standard spool position feedback control signal
to close the loop on the valve main spool position.

The top cover of the actuator can face forward or backward
for easier installation.
The modular design allows the actuator to be easily installed into
existing solutions
with a cable connection through protected screw terminals.

An industry standard 0V-10V control signal variant is available,
complementing the standard portfolio of radiometric signal actuators.

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