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שסתום דיאפרגמה פניאומטי

The factory that produces the diaphragm valve is based in:
AVS Stubbe GmbH.

:פרטים אודות השסתום

.בעל מבנה קומפקטי
אפשר לחברו למרבית מערכות סטנדרטיות.

The valve can be installed in tight spaces.
The body has a market standard installation length.
The bolt connection between the valve body and the actuator
is a conventional one.
Namur-compliant air connections.
Suitable for implementing circuits in tight spaces.

technical specifications:
model: MV309.
pressure: up to 6 bar.
nominal diameters: DN 15 to DN 32.

.תרשים המוצר Scheme:
control pressure to connection A, valve closed.
control pressure to connection B, valve open.
when position indicator X1, valve is open.
when position indicator X2, valve is closed.

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