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.חיישן פניאומטי תוצרת נובוטכניק

Linear position sensor.

חיישן לינארי

.מתאים לאפליקציות שמיועדות למיקומים צרים

Novotechnik corporation.


Stroke lengths: from 50mm to 2000mm.
accuracy: to ±0.04%.
operating pressure range: 0 to 350 bar (0 to 5076 PSI).
Ingress protection is to IP 69K, shock and vibration 100g and 20g respectively.

series: TM1
these sensors are designed for use in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
Suitable for use in tight-space applications.
Available in screw flange or plug-in flange models.
A ring-shaped magnetic marker moves up and down the sensor's shaft for touchless operation.

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