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Yamaha robot controller.

בקר רובוטי עבור שליטה על ציר אחד

The controller connected to a device. מכשיר מחובר אל הבקר
The parts of the controller. המרכיבים של הבקר

TS series controller.
Single-axis positioner.
No program is needed.

Power capacity: 70 to 110VA.
Input power supply: DC24V +/- 10% maximum.
Operating method: I/O point tracing.
Points: 255 points.
I/O interface: selectable : NPN, PNP, CC-link, DeviceNet.
External communications: RS232C 1CH.
Safety circuit: emergency stop input, emergency stop contact output.
Support software for PC: TS-manager.
Protective functions: positioning detection error, power module error.
Protective functions: temperature abnormality, overload, overvoltage
Protective functions: low voltage, gross position error.

אין צורך בתכנות

Yamaha Motor Inc.


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