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A precision planetary rack and pinion.

An application can be optimized for the servo motor.
These systems are available in 5 levels of precision.
Quality levels from DIN 4 to DIN 10.
The servo-reducers are available in-line.
Motor is in-line with pinion.
המנוע בנוי בתוך גלגל-השיניים

פס משונן עבור מעמס גבוה
.מאפשר דיוק רב

.גלגל השיניים מותנע ע"י מנוע סרבו
.המערכת נמכרת ב-5 רמות של דיוק

Technical specifications:
Thrust force: 28000 lbs.
Backslash level: 1 arc-minute.
Integral output housing and outboard bearing.
The drive pinions are flange mounted to the reducer output,
providing tight integration of the driven load,
while allowing replacement of the pinion if needed.

Atlanta Drive Systems Inc.
New Jersey

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