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רלסות מחליקות

production of Rollon Spa

רלסות מחליקות
.משמשות רכיבים לבניית יישומים
רלסות אלה מיוצרות מפרופילים מגולוונים של אלומיניום
ומיסבים מפלדה

Rollon Spa.


These rails provide a greater design freedom to designers of applications.
the rails are made of hard anodized extruded aluminium profiles
and steel bearings coated with a plastic compound.
So, the product is highly resistant to dirty environments and to wear,
ensuring a life of 80000 kilometers without lubrication or maintenance.
The most significant benefit of these rails is their self supporting property,
without the need for bases or other supporting surfaces.
This gives the designers the possibility to work with different designs,
creating new configurations for multiaxial Cartesian systems.

הציפוי הפלסטי של הגלגילות
מאפשר להוציא את השבבים שנוצרים במהלך עבודה
בלי לפגוע באיכות פני הגלגילות

למשל, בעבודות של עיבוד קרמיקות או ריתוך

The Speedy Rails can be used as linear rails or actuators,
and can be operated with a belt or with a rack and pinion system.
They are available with V-type and cylindrical rollers,
in different sizes: 60, 90, 120, 180, 250 mm.
The rails ensure high speeds, up to 15 m/s,
and great accelerations, up to 10 m/s2,
and a capability to control misalignment: ±4 mm.
The product offers a loading capacity of 3000 kg for gantry configurations with 4 cursors and 8 rollers.
The rollers, made of plastic compound, ensure a quiet operation.

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