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3D scanner.

Three-D scanner.
Equipped with cutting-edge twin cameras.
סורק תלת-מימד
בעל שתי מצלמות

.הסורק מפיק קובץ דיגיטלי
.בפורמטים הנדסיים מקובלים

The output file can be exported to popular CAD/CAM software:
SOLIDWORKS and more.

Technical specifications:
accuracy: up to 0.01 mm.
resolution: up to 0.029 mm.
ability to capture texture.
color: 24 bpp.
interface: USB 3.0.
supported OS: Windows7,Windows8,Windows10, 64bit.
power source: AC.
dimensions: 290x290x340 mm.
formats for measurements: CSV,DXF,XML.

producer: Artec.
type: MICRO.
country of production: Luxembourg.


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